SMA Designs New Agronomy Hub Plant For CHS Primeland

SMA Designs New Agronomy Hub Plant For CHS Primeland

CHS Primeland’s new facility in Clarkston, WA, had many unique design considerations. That’s why they worked closely with SMA Design Build to bring the site vision to reality.


What They Needed

When first approached with this project by CHS Primeland, SMA recognized that there were many unique design requirements. Working closely with CHS Construction Design Professionals and CHS Primeland, SMA was able to bring the site vision to reality. While preparing this site specifically, SMA had to keep many distinctive items in mind such as; seismic risks, unstable soils, high water tables and the fact it is a water port. Furthermore, SMA had to incorporate close construction coordination with the liquid fertilizer construction that was included in this facility. With SMA’s advanced engineering skills, budget-conscious means and the ability to perform large-scale, complex projects in a timely manner SMA was able to deliver the facility that CHS was looking for.

A Statement From The Retailer

“When we were in the planning stages, we tried to think of everything we would want in a new Agronomy Hub Plant that would serve our 10 retail locations plus room for growth. When we sat down with SMA Design Build, they brought a wealth of knowledge into building a facility that would serve our member owners well into the future. This facility gave us the ability to serve our producers in ways that we never had the capability to do before. Thank You SMA Design Build!” — Ken Mingo, Agronomy Division Manager, CHS Primeland