CropLife Top 100


Revenue Range
Custom Application
1Nutrien Ag SolutionsMore than $1 billion4634164
2Helena Agri-EnterprisesMore than $1 billion4533184
3GROWMARK, Inc.More than $1 billion26422012
4Wilbur-Ellis Co.More than $1 billion483895
5Pinnacle Agriculture DistributionMore than $1 billion4929193
6CHSMore than $1 billion2749186
7Simplot Grower SolutionsMore than $1 billion444853
8Agtegra Cooperative$201 million - $1 billion22331926
9Southern States Co-op$201 million - $1 billion2157157
10MFA Inc.$201 million - $1 billion2451196
11Tennessee Farmers Cooperative$201 million - $1 billion2555200
12Aurora Cooperative
$201 million - $1 billion4439107
13GreenPoint AG$201 million - $1 billion4323331
14Central Valley Ag Cooperative$201 million - $1 billion2850148
15Valley Agronomics LLC$201 million - $1 billion355564
16Hefty Seed Co.$201 million - $1 billion635320
17Co-Alliance LLP$201 million - $1 billion2550187
18Sunrise Cooperative$201 million - $1 billion2550205
19The Equity$101-200 million3045187
20Agri-AFC, LLC$101-200 million3639214
21The McGregor Co.
$101-200 million444943
22United Cooperative$101-200 million1851274
23Buttonwillow Warehouse Co.
$101-200 million465211
$101-200 million2743246
25Landus Cooperative
$101-200 million2349217
26Mid Valley Ag Service, Inc.$101-200 million534610
27West Central Ag Services$101-200 million3442222
28The Andersons, Inc.$101-200 million236665
29Frontier Cooperative Co.$101-200 million15541120
30Diamond R. Fertilizer Co., Inc.$101-200 million435520
31G.S. Long Co., Inc.$101-200 million762400
32Ceres Solutions Inc.$101-200 million29451115
33Star of the West Milling Co.$101-200 million1860148
34Twin-State Inc.$101-200 million3050128
35GFG Ag Services
$101-200 million3346138
36Heartland Co-op$101-200 million26481610
37Landmark Services Cooperative$101-200 million1561186
38Central Farm Service$101-200 million3330289
39Tremont Group Inc.$101-200 million475210
40Kova Fertilizer$101-200 million335467
41Land View, Inc.$66-100 million316252
42Van Horn Inc.$66-100 million3236257
43United Prairie LLC$66-100 million3343186
44Gar Tootelian, Inc.$66-100 million692812
45River Valley Cooperative$66-100 million2749168
46Heritage Cooperative$66-100 million2151217
47Cooperative Elevator Co.$66-100 million1960174
48Frenchman Valley Co-op$66-100 million2259910
49Cooperative Farmers Elevator$66-100 million2542276
50CPI (Cooperative Producers, Inc.)$66-100 million266086
51Allied Cooperative
$66-100 million1764154
52Fertizona$66-100 million4545100
53Carolina Eastern-Vail Inc.$66-100 million1466137
54Titan Pro$66-100 million754201
55Country Visions Coop
$66-100 million16433011
56Ag Partners LLC
$66-100 million2245267
57The Dune Companies$66-100 million465103
58Lyman Group, Inc.$66-100 million484480
59Stanislaus Farm Supply$51-65 million3058102
60Mid Kansas Cooperative$51-65 million3045169
61Asmus Farm Supply, Inc.$51-65 million791371
62Ouachita Fertilizer$51-65 million19801
63Farm Service Co-op$51-65 million2158138
64Sur-Gro Plant Food$51-65 million3643813
65First Cooperative Association$51-65 million2947159
66MaxYield Cooperative$51-65 million2154187
67Mid-West Fertilizer, Inc.$51-65 million2751157
68Willard Agri-Service$51-65 million2367010
69Farm Service Inc.$51-65 million2161135
70Northwest Ag Supply LLC$26-50 million741583
71AgRx$26-50 million415207
72Griffin Fertilizer Co.$26-50 million307000
73Reynolds United Co-op$26-50 million4335193
74Farm Nutrients$26-50 million6661117
75Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc.$26-50 million157069
76The DeLong Co., Inc$26-50 million14462812
77Marion Ag Services$26-50 million1078111
78Mountain View Coop$26-50 million266347
79Sims Fertilizer & Chemical
$26-50 million93511
80Agri Partners$26-50 million266680
81Great Bend Coop$26-50 million4139119
82Panhandle Coop$26-50 million3945115
83EDC Ag Products$26-50 million39322
84Growers Fertilizer Corp.
$26-50 million128800
85Pearl City Elevator, Inc.$26-50 million24511510
86Short Lane Ag Supply$26-50 million7110181
87Midwestern BioAg$26-50 million18937
88J.B. Pearl Sales & Service, Inc.$26-50 million2952118
89Warner Fertilizer Co.$26-50 million117694
90Delta Growers AssociationLess than $25 million3636235
91Jay-Mar, Inc.Less than $25 million1372123
92T H Agri-Chemicals, Inc.Less than $25 million95311
93Wickman ChemicalLess than $25 million87832
94Allerton Supply Co.Less than $25 million325468
95Smith Fertilizer & GrainLess than $25 million1526752
96Valley Ag Supply
Less than $25 million3943711
97Baltz Feed Co., Inc.Less than $25 million3147175
98The MillLess than $25 million2066104
99Foster-Gardner, Inc.
Less than $25 million455500
100Woolsey Brothers Farm Supply Inc.Less than $25 million4342312