FCI Upgrades Its Fertilizer Blending System with Sackett-Waconia

Sackett-Waconia’s compact Precision Fertilizer Blending (PFB) systems are ideal for locations in which space is at a premium. These small-footprint systems offer all the benefits and flexibility of PFB systems but minimize space requirements. Sackett-Waconia’s PFB systems excel at accuracy because the company’s automated weighing system not only takes static weights of each ingredient individually but also uses machine learning to constantly refine its accuracy. Combine that with the thorough and efficient blending of our HIM Precision Blender, and we are able to not only provide the best, most consistent blending in the industry but also help you ensure that your customers get exactly what they ordered. FCI’s system is rated for 200 tons per hour (TPH) to truck and includes bagging lines for both 1-ton super sacks and 50-pound bags. It is flexible blending- and flexible output-engineered to support 4R Nutrient Stewardship.


What They Needed

FCI has been working with Sackett-Waconia for many years and was looking to upgrade its blending system, expand loadout capacity, and improve bagging. The site did not allow for a large system, so a solution was needed to condense the blending system’s size. The requirements called for the ability for complex specialty blends with liquid additives, bagging, and integrated automation.

What We Designed

Sackett-Waconia utilized an existing small-footprint design, which lowers the height of the overhead storage, shrinks the structural footprint, negates the need for pits, and utilizes Precision Fertilizer Blending technology to feed both truck and bagging system.

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