Circle R Fertilize Meets Customer Demand with New Facility from Precision Tank

What They Needed

Circle R Fertilize in Springerton, IL, wanted to expand its loadout capacity and efficiency of fertilizer and crop protection chemistries to meet the growing demands of its customer base.


We wanted a facility that would increase our storage capacity, improve our loadout efficiency, streamline repackaging operations, and incorporate our growing foliar and biostimulant distribution capabilities.

What We Designed

Precision Tank collaborated with Circle R Fertilize to develop a liquid fertilizer and crop protection chemical facility that meets its growing demands. Additional bulk chemical tanks allow it to expand its chemistry offerings as well as limit the number of refilling operations throughout the year. Pre-staging nearly twice the gallons of crop protection chemicals will streamline its process and reduce the risks of in-season shortages.

With built-in expansion capabilities, Circle R will be able to transition continued growth more efficiently and economically.

This state-of-the-art facility will allow Circle R to meet customer expectations and continue growing its customer portfolio. Circle R will be able to fill nurse trucks more efficiently, moving more product per hour to keep its sprayers fully engaged in the field.

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