CropLife Magazine Unveils Annual Ranking of Top 100 U.S. Ag Retailers

CropLife magazine has published its annual CropLife 100, a listing of the largest U.S. ag retailers ranked by sales.

Companies included in the 2019 ranking were limited to independent dealerships and cooperatives offering fertilizer, crop protection products, seed, and custom application services.


Overall, the nation’s top ag retailers saw their revenues in 2019 increase an impressive 6%, increasing from $30.5 billion in 2018 to $32.3 billion. “Considering the kind of year 2019 turned out to be for all of agriculture — and the fact that the revenues for CropLife 100 ag retailers have averaged around 2% annual growth the past few years — this was indeed a surprising result,” said Eric Sfiligoj, CropLife Editor.

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Nutrien Ag Solutions (formerly Crop Production Services) again maintains its position as the country’s leading retailer with more than $1 billion in sales, 45 states served, and 1,000-plus retail outlets. This marks the 36th year Nutrien has appeared in the CropLife 100.

The top seven companies — which all surpassed $1 billion in retail sales this year — once again includes Helena Agri-Enterprises, GROWMARK, Wilbur-Ellis, CHS, Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution, and Simplot Grower Solutions. The total sales for this group was $21.8 billion in 2019, which is nearly 70% of all CropLife 100 sales ($32.3 billion).

After losing a bit of overall market share in 2018, this top group of the CropLife 100 bounced back in a big way, with revenues for the group improving $1.3 billion year over year. As has been the case many years during the last decade, much of this growth came as the largest ag retailers in the business continued to add companies/outlets to their overall totals. (Indeed, Nutrien Ag Solutions added more than 100 outlets to its 2018 figure.)

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 ag retailers shook out:

  1. Nutrien Ag Solutions
  2. Helena Agri-Enterprises
  4. Wilbur-Ellis
  5. CHS
  6. Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution
  7. Simplot Grower Solutions
  8. Southern States Cooperative
  9. Tennessee Farmers Cooperative
  10. MFA

For a full list of the 2019 CropLife 100, check out the December issue of CropLife magazine or visit