Southern States Cooperative

Rank: 11 (Previous Rank: 8)
6606 W. Broad St.
Richmond VA 23230   
Phone: 804-281-1343
Fax: 804-287-2098
Organization Type: Cooperative
Year Founded: 1923
Retail Outlets: 222
States Served: 7
Employees: 3700
2017 Revenue: $201 million-$1 billion
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 21%, Fertilizer: 57%, Seed Care: 15%, Services: 7%

Southern States does what no one farmer can. Because it pools members’ resources, the co-op enables all its farmer-members to benefit from greater research capabilities. Since its beginning as Virginia Seed Service in 1923, Southern States has been at the forefront of agricultural advances throughout its 80 years in business. The cooperative purchases, manufactures or processes feed, seed, fertilizer, farm supplies and fuel.