Total Fertilizer Construction Builds A New Liquid Terminal For Tri-State Fertilizer

To have an efficient, low labor liquid fertilizer terminal, Tri-State Fertilizer engaged Total Fertilizer Construction to construct a terminal to serve its current needs and permit future expansion.


What They Needed

Tri-State Fertilizer is conscious that in the agriculture business timing is of the essence for its customers. To help its customers avoid any downtime, Tri-State needed a liquid fertilizer facility that was self-service and available 24 hours a day. With the voluntary industry push to decrease fertilizer runoff, the products needed to be available through the year for use as side dressing. This meant having to store ammonium thiosulfate throughout the cold North Dakota winter.

What We Designed

TFC created an extremely efficient automated liquid fertilizer delivery system that pulls product from one 2 million gallon tank and one half million gallon heated and insulated tank through insulated piping to the double bay loadout building and into the customer’s truck. The high-speed system can completely fill a truck in seven minutes. The insulated and heat traced exterior piping guarantees that product can be dispensed any time of year. Finally the 12-car capacity unload system, makes filling the tanks a speedy endeavor as well.

TFC creates design build liquid and dry fertilizer facilities for customers in consideration of their current needs with the ability to expand. TFC partners with Heartland Tank Companies, W Design and Associates, and Kahler Automation and other reliable industry contractors to complete hassle-free turnkey fertilizer facility projects.

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