SMA Builds Mega Fertilizer Hub for United Farmers Cooperative

SMA Builds Mega Fertilizer Hub for United Farmers Cooperative

When United Farmers Cooperative in Brownton, MN, decided to build a 52,800-ton fertilizer plant, it turned to SMA Design Build for their knowledge and expertise in highly efficient agronomy plants.



When UFC decided to build a Mega Fertilizer Plant in 2014, our goal was to make sure our farmers/members were going to have the leading edge in serving our market, with efficiency along with the speed,” said Jeff Nielsen, President/CEO of UFC. “With that thought in mind, we started touring several facilities and considering numerous builders that are experts in designing these plants. We required a state-of-the-art agronomy facility.”

“That’s when we met with SMA Design Build and knew with their knowledge, and expertise in agronomy plants, we would soon build with SMA,” said Dave Eckhoff, VP of Agronomy at UFC.

Site work began on the 52,800-ton plant in April 2016 and received product by unit train October 25, 2016 (45 days ahead of schedule), and loaded out its first blended load March 2, 2017. When the question was asked of what I thought of the building, at the open house on April 5, Eckhoff said: “This building has the ability to perform at a very high level. SMA has built us a shed with space, speed and efficiency that is not just relevant for today’s demands but is built to enhance our customer’s operations into the future. SMA has built a highly efficient plant for us. It is all of the small things that SMA incorporated into this facility, that makes them the leaders in facility construction.”

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