When a fire burned down the chemical shed at GRAINCO FS Inc.’s Mazon, IL location, it presented an opportunity to fully automate the location and redesign the equipment from the ground up. GRAINCO FS’s Mazon location specializes in producing hot loads in addition to straight chemical and fertilizer loads. The company fills both its own vehicles and sprayers as well as customers’ tanks. “We had a few simple product presets before,” explained Brian Mino, GRAINCO FS Operations Manager. “Now, with full automation, we have a lot more product diversity.” Speed and accuracy were at the forefront — producing the right blends in a timely manner. GRAINCO FS needed an equipment and automation provider that would give them the flexibility to produce the multitude of blends required by their customers, accurately, and quickly. Having worked with Murray Equipment and used that company’s ICS controls previously, the decision was easy for GRAINCO.



The 18,000-square foot facility has three load-out bays — two bottomload, and a 24/7 unattended load-out with top and bottom load, a mini-bulk filling station, 1 million gallon solution tank, 180,000 gallons of liquid fertilizer, and 65,000 gallons of bulk herbicide storage. ICS ControlPro software connects with GRAINCO FS’s agronomy software bringing in ticket, formula, and material information. It also manages equipment and customer information for the unattended bay. The two attended bays are managed by ICS 240c touchscreen control boxes. The unattended bay features a touchscreen control box with full keyboard for equipment/ driver verification. “We get along great with ICS. The support is good. It’s easy to run,” expressed Mino.