Ag Plus Inc. in Columbia City, IN, wanted to increase its efficiencies and prepare for additional growth. This new building gave the company much more storage allowing executives to buy better. It also gave them greater speed at receiving and load-out allowing them to consolidate some older and outdated locations.



This was an existing location for Ag Plus that offered liquid fertilizer and crop protection. The acquisition of a parcel of land to the east provided the perfect timing and opportunity to add a dry building. Marcus Construction provided scaled drawings and estimates for three different sized dry buildings before Ag Plus decided on this 10,570-ton building to optimize its business model and future growth. The new building was situated to maximize the rail sighting and complement existing truck traffic. During construction, Marcus worked with Ag Plus executives to ensure their existing traffic and operations were not interfered with.

The new building is designed for expansion with foundations and structural frame for a second tower already in place, that includes a modified roof truss above it for easy removal. The endwall foundation is also designed for future expansion. Other details include: Five primary bins and three micro bins; truck and rail receiving; a spacious elevated control room with eight large windows for the maximum view to all critical areas; an enclosed two-lane load-out with a Sackett-Waconia blend tower; in-floor heat in the alleyway for safety and to minimize inventory shrink; and a large state-of-the-art impregnation room with oversized joist above for miscellaneous storage.