GSI Builds New CHS Colton Agronomy Center

Retailer Statement

“The GSI team was easy to work with during the building of our new CHS Colton Agronomy Center,” said Gregg Fodness, Agronomy Location Manager. “They were good about getting things done in a timely manner so that we were ready to go before the busy season hit. They listened to any concerns and questions we had and always came up with a solution for us.”


GSI Statement

“In today’s rapidly changing ag market, operations with the most flexibility to adapt to end-user requirements and volatile market conditions win,” said Nate Reznechek, Sales Director at GSI. “The CHS team knew the current  tandard wouldn’t cut it, which is why they included GSI’s InterSystems brand of higher-quality, heavy-duty fertilizer-processing equipment in its new agronomy center in Colton. As an engineered-to-order brand, GSI  goes beyond standard with equipment customized for its customers’ geography and crop mix. A great example at CHS’s Colton facility is our dual-shaft horizontal blender, which completes an 8-ton batch in just 45 seconds! Customers are loaded and back in the field faster with the high-quality blends they demand.”