Dot and New Leader Unveil Autonomous Precision Fertilizer Applicator

New Leader Manufacturing will unveil the NL5000 G5 Crop Nutrient Applicator for the Dot Autonomous Robotic farming system at the Ag In Motion show, northwest of Saskatoon on July 16.


“We are very excited to bring the G5 nutrient spreader capability to the lineup of Dot-Ready implements to help growers and custom applicators move to autonomous farming,” explains John Rathjen, Director of Product Development with New Leader. “Earlier this year we met with the Dot team and formulated a plan to build and unveil our spreader at the Ag In Motion show. We are keen to offer this as an additional option for farmers to adopt the Dot robotic platform.”

The NL5000 utilizes New Leader’s G5 technology which includes 16 section swath width control, ½ width spreading, last pass control, boundary spreading, and two product variable rate precision application technology.

“Can you imagine; just fill the New Leader and you go home for the next load of fertilizer while Dot does the spreading. Pretty exciting isn’t it!” says Robert Saik, CEO of Dot Farm Solutions.“From an agronomic standpoint, the NL5000 G5 opens up opportunities for farmers to precisely apply top dressed nitrogen in-crop or augment their fertility program with a 100% autonomous spreading solution. To our knowledge, this is the first large-scale fully robotic fertilizer spreader in the world; we are excited to reveal this on the July 16th.”

This spring saw the Dot robotic system seed and spray thousands of acres on several Saskatchewan farms. Now Dot will have variable-rate precision fertilizer capabilities as well.