Salford Launches New 90-Foot Air Boom Applicator

Salford Launches New 90-Foot Air Boom Applicator

Salford will be displaying two pre-production 90-foot swath air boom applicators at the MAGIE show in Bloomington, IL.


Salford Group will be asserting its expertise in air boom fertilizer application this August by displaying two pre-production 90-foot swath air boom applicators at the MAGIE show in Bloomington, IL. Salford Group acquired Valmar Airflo, industry leaders in air boom application technology, in 2015. Salford has since been striving to enhance their Valmar application systems. Salford’s latest development, the 6700 90-foot swath air boom applicator, is the widest high-clearance air boom available. At 20 feet wider than a 70’ boom, this machine can yield over 30 more acres per hour at 14 mph, or close to 30 percent more productivity easily eliminating every fourth pass.

“Salford’s customers have routinely expressed a high level of comfort with the tried and tested Valmar technology,” said Salford’s Senior Product Manager, Brad Baker. “Salford is continuing to develop these applicators with the goal of offering higher productivity and introducing new precision technology, while maintaining the Valmar standard for ease of use, reliability and accuracy.”

One of Salford’s 90-foot air boom machines on display at MAGIE 2019 will be equipped with drop tubes that allow for in-season application. The patent pending 304 stainless steel booms are configured for 30-inch spaced row crop application, making them ideal for in-row application below the crop canopy, while following existing planter or sprayer tracks. This unit builds on the patent pending air boom row crop spacing technology developed by Salford for 60-foot air booms. The row crop design will be on display in the RBR Enterprises ride and drive space at MAGIE. RBR is a Salford OEM application partner. A second applicator showcasing 90-foot application width will also be on display at MAGIE in Salford’s booth.

“Some customers are even using the Salford row crop booms and drop tubes in pre-plant and fall application, range of conditions. Since the material fans out across the ground after exiting the drops, we feel the drop tubes can also work well in a broadcast situation,” says Baker.

Raven AutoBoom will be standard equipment on Salford 6700 90-foot air boom applicators, taking the pressure off of the operator to monitor the boom position in rolling or uneven terrain. “The AutoBoom system interacts flawlessly with our hydraulic boom suspension to maintain boom tip height, stabilizing the booms at higher field speeds, and maintaining consistent application. Because this feature allows automatic adjustments on the go, the operator can apply without the worry of whether the booms will adequately clear upcoming even terrain,” said Mark Averink, Salford’s Engineering Manager.

Building on Salford’s successful 6700-AB350 chassis mount applicator with a 72-foot swath, the new 90-foot unit is capable of applying up to three products at once from its unique, high capacity 320 cubic foot hopper. The hopper has two adjustable dividers that allow for five different product capacity configurations, giving the operator unmatched flexibility in multi-product application.

As with the current 6700-AB350, the applicator will soon be offered by select Salford dealers for aftermarket configuration, as a fully integrated option for select Case IH Titan floater chassis. The integration includes control of system functions from the existing cab joystick and console. It is designed to accept the Raven RCM rate controller, which can offer multi-product variable rate, section control and prescription mapping capability.

The RBR prototype also showcased at MAGIE, will soon be offered by select RBR dealers for direct purchase on a new chassis.

Salford’s air boom technology will be well represented at this year’s MAGIE show. Aside from the 90-foot pre-production applicators (one in RBR foots booth and one in Salford’s), Salford’s existing boom technology will be showcased in the displays of its other OEM partners, GVM and Oxbo. Salford will also be showing its existing aftermarket air boom applicator designed for specific late model John Deere sprayer chassis, the 6700-AB200.