MAGIE 2022 Photo Highlights: 33 Glimpses of the Future in Custom Application

The annual Midwest AG Industries Exposition (MAGIE) is a showplace for many new and existing products for the ag retail and custom application markets. Hosted by the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association (IFCA), MAGIE took place August 24-25 at the McLean County Fairgrounds in Bloomington, IL. Now celebrating its 41st year, the event attracted more than 2,400 attendees over the course of its two days.

There was so much to see and do during the two-day event, that words alone — like these 5 key takeaways — don’t paint the full picture. That’s why the editors of CropLife IRON have also presented some of the many highlights from MAGIE 2022 — showcasing the future of custom application — in the photo gallery above.


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