Fendt Rogator 900 Series Applicator Wins ShowStopper Award at MAGIE 2021

As anyone who’s regularly attended the Midwest AG Industries Exposition (MAGIE) will tell you, one of the highlights of the event is seeing which product is voted “best in show” by attendees. Since 2007, CropLife IRON magazine, in conjunction with the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association (IFCA), has acknowledged this “most talked about product” by awarding it the annual ShowStopper Award. Although there were plenty of new products vying for this honor at the 2021 MAGIE show, one stood out from the crowd: The Fendt Rogator 900 Series applicator. 


“We definitely set out to design a sprayer that the marketplace would notice,” said Dave Lovell, Manager of Field Sales and Marketing Support for AGCO Corp., accepting the stop sign-shaped trophy. “Apparently, we succeeded.” 


Plenty of ShowStopping Features 

One of the major features of the Rogator 900 Series is its ability to adjust clearance levels. With the push of a button, the two new H (high-clearance) models automatically raise from standard to high clearance of up to 76 inches in less than 45 seconds for critical late-season dry or liquid application and less disturbance of tall crops. After application, the applicators can quickly return to standard clearance of 56 to 60 inches, depending on model for superior stability on the road.  

In addition, changing between the liquid system and a dry spinner or pneumatic system takes less than two hours: unhook two or four hydraulic connections, remove the on-board system from the chassis and replace it with the one needed for the next job. The hydraulic pump for all systems stays on the chassis. 

The Fendt 900 Series cab features dual activated-carbon filters and a state-of-the-art cab pressurization fan for protection from dust, aerosols, and vapors. The cab has 12% more glass than the previous Rogator, says the company, giving operators greater visibility. 

“The Fendt Rogator 900 is the first of its kind – the only self-propelled, rear-mounted boom applicator with adjustable clearance and easy conversion between liquid and dry systems for ultimate versatility,” said David Fickel, Manager of Tactical Marketing for Application Equipment at AGCO. “Because the new Rogator can be equipped for nearly any type of crop care application, customers not only optimize their investment in the machine, but have greater control over when and how products are applied. That helps ensure better product use for higher yields and an overall better return on their crop care investment.” 

The Fendt Rogator 900 Series has five models: RG932, RG934, RG934H, RG937 and RG937H, ranging from 315 HP to 365 HP. The RG932 and RG934, with 70-inch-diameter tires, have 56-inch standard clearance; the RG937 has 80-inch tires and 60-inch standard clearance. The two high-clearance, dual-position chassis models, RG934H and RG937H, change to clearance heights of 72 inches and 76 inches, respectively. 

All models have AGCO Power 8.4L engines and are equipped with LiquidLogic liquid management (standard), with liquid capacities ranging from 900 to 1,300 gallons, or dry spinner systems with capacities ranging from 253 to 330 cubic feet. All but the RG932 can be equipped with the Air-Max Precision R1 or R2 pneumatic boom spreader, ranging from 215 to 275 cubic feet in capacity. Owners can customize the systems and tank sizes they need for their operation. 

Steel booms of 90-, 100- and 120-foot lengths with 10-, 15- and 20-inch nozzle spacing are available to suit specific width, volume, and broadcast needs. An optional aluminum 132-foot boom, 5% lighter than a 120-foot steel boom, is also offered.