Sackett-Waconia Introduces Smart Blending Systems

Sackett-Waconia has introduced Smart Blending: a suite of sensors, integrated automation, and an interactive user interface designed to provide complete control of a blending system, while providing performance and maintenance feedback.


A feature of new Sackett-Waconia blending systems, Smart Blending provides, Real-time Feedback, Performance Reports, and Maintenance Monitoring. Designed from the ground up to be easy to use, Smart Blending features an improved, intuitive, user interface for an enhanced experience. The system interfaces with ERPs and Ag Software to enable a smooth, holistic, system flexibility that is key to supporting precision agriculture. Its technology is engineered to be the backbone of Sackett-Waconia’s Precision Fertilizer Blending line of equipment.


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Avatar for Christopher Sittler Christopher Sittler says:

I am not sure, unless Sackett has made them a substantially better company, why anyone would buy from Waconia. When trying to order parts for our tower and orbital blender, they simply let us know their support stops at the initial sale. There is no follow up support, system support or trouble shooting. Buy their product and you are on an island.