MAGIE 2019: Plenty of Talk – About 2020

MAGIE 2019: Plenty of Talk – About 2020

I have to admit — following a generally chaotic spring and early summer season across the agricultural landscape, it was very nice to finally settle in for the fall trade show season. Admittedly, given how much “bad” news has come out about agriculture in the past few months, I had my doubts that the first summer show to kick off the season — the Midwest AG Industries Exposition (MAGIE) — would be upbeat.


These “MAGIE 2019” t-shirts aside, most companies focused their attention on 2020 and the new equipment launches for next season.

But it was! Walking around the fairgrounds in Bloomington, IL, this past August, I found plenty of ag equipment companies promoting new products, concept ideas, and upgrades to their existing units — something I wasn’t entirely certain would be the case given the general state of agriculture in 2019.

There is one caveat to this, however. For the most part, the companies talking about their new products for the marketplace had one common thread — next year. In general, when I asked about the 2019 fall season, many MAGIE exhibitors pointed out that these new items were being introduced for the 2020 growing season. In fact, I think it’s possible the year “2020” was featured on more MAGIE signage than the current year of 2019 was.

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And given how the agricultural market has struggled with myriad issues throughout the whole of 2019, I can’t really blame this year’s MAGIE exhibitors or attendees for wanting to get this year over with as quickly as possible and move on to a potentially better one come 2020.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of this fall’s outdoor equipment trade shows play out. But I’m betting lots of folks will be hearing the year “2020” said over and over again when they ask exhibitors about their new products!

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