The McGregor Co. Partners With Kahler Automation To Create A 24/7 Fertilizer Loadout Center

Kahler Automation helped The McGregor Co. expand its Clarkston, WA, operation with unstaffed loadout technology that enables customers to pick up liquid fertilizer 24 hours a day.


What They Needed

The McGregor Co. was looking for a partner that could take its vision of what they wanted to create for its customers and turn it into a reality. And that takes a lot more than just providing the parts. “What type of service will our customers need five and 10 years from now?” asked Fred Morscheck, The McGregor Co.’s Clarkston, WA, facility. “We focused on our infrastructure needs of tomorrow, not just the immediate demands of needing more storage.”

The McGregor Co. interviewed representatives from several companies and asked “How do you go about designing, constructing and supporting your product?” Steve Swift, vice president of sales at Kahler Automtion, impressed The McGregor Co. with his presentation and response to that question.

Another component that was key in selecting Kahler Automation was the long-term relationship between AgWorks, a comprehensive agronomy solution, and Kahler Automation software. That was a big plus for The McGregor Co. The company chose AgWorks in 2005 for its inventory management and regulatory compliance software. Recently, The McGregor Co. migrated to using it for precision ag services. In addition to 35 McGregor sites, AgWorks has 450 more retail outlets.

What We Designed

Kahler Automation’s design created the opportunity for The McGregor Co. to expand operating at the facility substantially. The Kahler Automation 24/7 Unstaffed loadout technology enables customers to pick up liquid fertilizer 24 hours a day. Orders are placed at a central dispatching center that is linked to the terminal through the company’s communications network.