Rotam’s Volta Approved

Rotam’s Volta Approved

EPA has approved the registration of Volta, a sulfonylurea herbicide.


Volta herbicide is manufactured by Rotam North America, Inc., the crop protection unit of the Rotam Group. It is the second product from Rotam in the sulfonylurea herbicide class. A postemergence broadleaf herbicide containing thifensulfuron-methyl, Volta can be used in preplant burndown and postharvest applications to soybeans, corn, wheat, and grains. Thifensulfuron is the active ingredient in Harmony.

Thifensulfuron and the family of sulfonylureas are known for environmental compatibility and selective postemergence weed control at low use rates. Thifensulfuron can be mixed with grass herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides for application convenience. Rotam also recently expanded their sales team to support this product expansion.

Volta is not yet registered in California; state labels are also pending.