Matthew J. Grassi

Daily Dicamba Update: Pesky Residues in Spray Booms and Screens

Ensuring a properly-stewarded dicamba application in 2018 will be priority number one for applicators working within the new […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Stay on Top of State Regulations

There’s a saying in production agriculture that retailers often cite when someone gets perhaps a little too creative […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Cleaning the Sprayer from Tank to Nozzle

Ensuring a properly stewarded dicamba application in 2018 will be priority number one for applicators working within the […]

Service Providers Best Positioned to Move Nutrient Stewardship Needle

Nutrient stewardship efforts in the U.S. currently focus on a few very specific geographic regions of the country. […]

2018 Commodity Classic Highlights: Plenty to See, Hear, and Experience

For the first time in almost a decade, attendees to the annual Commodity Classic trade show found themselves […]

GSI BinRite System Uses Sensor, Machine Learning to Sort Grain

GSI is introducing first-of-its-kind technology to help prevent one of the most common challenges facing commercial grain operations […]

Biopesticides Evolve as Adoption Trends Upward

If you’re an ag retailer and you’re reading this report, I’d guess it’s fair to assume you’ve at […]

Plants Acclimate to Automation

The world of fertilizer plant automation is reportedly seeing a boom in adoption as local product vendors (i.e., […]

2018 Nitrogen Stabilizers Roundup

A leaky system is rarely ideal, but that’s the hand ag retailers and growers alike have been dealt […]

2018 Micronutrient Market Outlook

The world of micronutrients is as varied as it is vast, and even with depressed commodity prices keeping […]

State of the Agricultural Seed Market: Playing Out the M&A String

The current state of the domestic ag seed industry is one of well-positioned strength, as evidenced by the […]

New Data Indicates Farm Runoff Primary Cause of Lake Erie Algal Blooms

This summer was the third largest algal bloom outbreak in the history of Lake Erie. It was so […]

ARA 2017: FBN Makes its Case for Industry Acceptance (OPINION)

The annual ag retail leadership winter retreat known as the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) Conference and Expo took […]

Monsanto Presses Pause on NemaStrike Seed Treatment for 2018

Monsanto’s Brian Naber, U.S. commercial operations lead, has issued an open letter detailing the circumstances surrounding the St. […]

Custom Blends: Safeguard a Grower’s Seed Investment

Traited seed is easily the highest fixed-cost input among soybean and cereal crops growers, according to a study […]

Direct-to-Grower Independent Seed Retailer Launched

A direct-to-growers seed company is entering the market with the mission of providing growers with custom-crafted seed offerings […]

Farmers Business Network: Baron Provides Update on FBN Direct

The current state of domestic ag chemical distribution cannot be fully assessed without taking stock of its biggest […]

Monsanto ‘Dicamba Summit’ Reportedly Causing Consternation in Ag Science Community

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, some scientists — including widely respected University of Missouri professor Kevin […]

AgBiome Receives EPA Approval for Fungicide

AgBiome announced today that Howler fungicide received registration from EPA. The first product to be marketed by AgBiome Innovations […]

AGCO Intros New RoGator C Series Sprayers

AGCO introduces the RoGator C Series self-propelled row crop applicators and all-new LiquidLogic system, which will make its public […]