Matthew J. Grassi

2018 CTIC Tour Recap: Partnerships, Oysters, Profitable Conservation Practices

Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC – West Lafayette, IN) recently hosted it’s annual Conservation in Action Tour in […]

Greenhouse Grower: Our Agricultural Guest Workers Deserve Better

Via  This country’s politics are out of control when it comes to agricultural guestworkers and immigration reform, […]

Spectrum Configures Weather Stations to Alert for Temperature Inversion

Spectrum Technologies has a rich history of innovation through responding to industry and customer needs, according to a […]

On The Scene: 2018 4R Nutrient Stewardship Summit Recap

Just as one of the most-publicized Summits in world history was getting underway on the Malaysian Peninsula earlier […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Continuous Monitoring From the Cab Always a Good Idea

Thus far in this educational series we’ve covered many aspects of the dicamba application process – what the […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Midterm Reminders for Applicators

As some regions around the country pass the halfway point of allowable dicamba application season, we’ve received word […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Post-Application Record Keeping 101

Once you’ve successfully completed an on-target and on-label application of dicamba herbicide the post-application record keeping process begins. […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Mastering the Downwind Buffer Requirement Requires Research, Data

There’s really no way to sugarcoat it — understanding the downwind buffer requirement of the new dicamba-tolerant cropping […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Make Sure You Get Spray Volumes Correct

Paying attention to spray volumes while formulating tank mixes for the dicamba-based cropping systems remains crucial for application […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Application Rate Tips and Pointers

While it can perhaps be argued that some federal label requirements could lend themselves to a bit of […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Measure Wind Speed at Boom Height and Other Tips

There are several lookouts for 2018 to be aware of when it comes to dicamba applications and the […]

Daily Dicamba Update: All About Drift Reduction Agents

In almost every case, writes WinField United agronomist Dennis Christie, following the rules for an accurate and lawful […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Temperature Inversion Knowledge Critical for Dicamba Success

Commercial pilots and aviation officials have long focused on temperature inversions, because they typically signal the existence of […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Pesky Residues in Spray Booms and Screens

Ensuring a properly-stewarded dicamba application in 2018 will be priority number one for applicators working within the new […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Stay on Top of State Regulations

There’s a saying in production agriculture that retailers often cite when someone gets perhaps a little too creative […]

Daily Dicamba Update: Cleaning the Sprayer from Tank to Nozzle

Ensuring a properly stewarded dicamba application in 2018 will be priority number one for applicators working within the […]

Service Providers Best Positioned to Move Nutrient Stewardship Needle

Nutrient stewardship efforts in the U.S. currently focus on a few very specific geographic regions of the country. […]

2018 Commodity Classic Highlights: Plenty to See, Hear, and Experience

For the first time in almost a decade, attendees to the annual Commodity Classic trade show found themselves […]

GSI BinRite System Uses Sensor, Machine Learning to Sort Grain

GSI is introducing first-of-its-kind technology to help prevent one of the most common challenges facing commercial grain operations […]

Biopesticides Evolve as Adoption Trends Upward

If you’re an ag retailer and you’re reading this report, I’d guess it’s fair to assume you’ve at […]