Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co.

Rank: 11 (Previous Rank: 12)
2225 Q Street
Aurora NE 68818   
Phone: 402-694-2106
Fax: 402-694-6943
Organization Type: Cooperative
Year Founded: 1908
Retail Outlets: 92
States Served: 7 (NE, SD, CO, IA, KS, TX, MD)
Employees: 745
2019 Revenue: $201 million-$1 billion
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 41%, Fertilizer: 43%, Seed: 8%, Custom Application: 8%

For more than a century, Aurora Cooperative has been a partner in the success of agriculture in our part of the world — providing high quality, competitive products and services growers rely on every day. That partnership is founded in core values we share with the people we serve. We’re not content to simply change with the times. We’re about creating change. Anticipating what’s next and being prepared for it.