Stueve Construction

Since 1958, Stueve Construction, LLC continues to be the industry leader in fertilizer storage technology with more than 1,320 facilities built in its history. What sets Stueve apart in the industry from others is our experience, in-house engineering, design-build capabilities, safety, and project communication skills. We partner with some of the finest fertilizer equipment, millwright, automation, electrician, liquid fertilizer/chemical tank, liquid systems plumbing, and civil design companies in the industry. Not to mention ensuring that you will receive the best technology, design and most operationally efficient project for your business investment. Stueve Construction, LLC. helped these two premier ag retailers to better serve their growers with a facility that will offer speed, accuracy and dependability.


What They Needed


Central Region Cooperative is a full-service, member-owned cooperative located in South Central Minnesota that is composed of five business units — Agronomy, BCA Products, Energy, Feed, and Grain.

“In our selection process it was very easy to select Stueve Construction as our Builder of Choice. They built us a State of the Art Dry Facility that is durable, quality, efficient, and will last for the next generation!” — Nathan Gieseke, CEO

“Stueve and the Central Region Cooperative Agronomy Team designed, engineered, and constructed a building solution that helps us deliver a customer service that is second to none in our retail ag market.” — Butch Altmann, Agronomy Manager

“Our Fairfax Facility really has helped us strategically in our operation. We are now able to store a higher percentage of our season’s needs and not have to wait for product during the critical times during our season crunches when product and transportation is literally not available.” — George Schwint, Procurement Manager

“We really love the speed and accuracy that this facility brings to our operation! We can move product out very quickly with a quality blended product where we use fertilizer enhancers and Wolf Trax. Also the Enclosed Truck Receiving is an absolute need for any facility when it comes to adverse weather conditions when bringing in product.” — Brian Meyer, Operation Manager


Farmers Co-op Association is a Full-Service Member Cooperative located in Platte County, NE, that was started in 1907. We originally started our business plan in the summer of 2018, and our goal was to be a viable resource in our Agronomy business for our members. To achieve this, we had our Management Team and Board of Directors spend a lot of time as we put together our game plan. Our first phase was to centralize our operation to help us gain efficiencies. We moved our NH3 Plant, Liquid Fertilizer Storage, and Dry Facility east of town. We toured a lot of facilities and compared Dry Fertilizer builders. We selected Stueve Construction because of their experience, quality construction and their ability to design a facility that meets our needs. Our second phase is to add a Chemical/Seed Warehouse to our Agronomy complex in the future.

“Stueve was a great choice to build our facility! Their experience, In-House Engineering, and Project Communication was fantastic!” — Lyle Herchenbach, General Manager

“The project from planning to finish went very smooth. Communications during construction was excellent. Stueve helped with ideas to improve our efficiencies.” — Frank Jasa, Agronomy Manager

“We depended on Stueve to help us execute our plan! The detail and quality was second to none.” — Jesse Schumacher, Agronomy Sales Manager