What They Needed

CRC has several smaller and older plants in their system and were ready for an upgrade. They were facing the same challenges as most ag retailers today:

  • Shorter application windows that require more speed.
  • Needing an edge in the market with higher blend accuracy.
  • More system flexibility.
  • A high level of dependability.
  • A system that will continue to meet the needs of the market as inputs evolve.

So, with those requirements and a new building planned, they reviewed their options and turned to Sackett-Waconia.

What We Designed

After working with the customer to address their needs from the project, we designed a 400 tph receiving system and Precision Fertilizer Blending system. The truck receiving system is covered with a below grade Sackett-Waconia bulk-toter, to elevator, feeding a tripper conveyor to distribute material. The PFB system features an in-floor reclaim that feeds the blending tower’s overhead hopper at 250-plus tph. The blending system features a 4-ton HIM 2.0 precision blender and can output 240-plus tph based on the loading of trucks. The upgrade brings the Fairfax location to the cutting edge fertilizer blending in speed, formula accuracy, and system reliability. PFB systems offer nearly infinite ingredient flexibility, best in-class blending, and NTEP-certified loadout. The system is also capable pre-blending or pre-treating ingredients and moving them to the six swing bins for later use. This part of the system also allows for the receiving of bulk micronutrients via the in-floor reclaim. Sackett-Waconia is proud to work with Central Region Co-Op, and we look forward to doing so for a long time to come.