ADAMA’s New Ag Service Provides Analysis of Aerial Data

ADAMA US, a leading global crop protection company, has announced a new service offering for its customers. ADAMA Eagle Eye powered by Agremo offers an advanced analysis of aerial data and imagery that helps growers protect yields more efficiently through user-friendly maps, statistics, and other practical tools.


Insights from this web-based tool lead to lower production costs and higher yields for growers looking to turn their drone-collected images into actionable and accurate data. ADAMA Eagle Eye powered by Agremo analysis reports use aerial footage to simplify field scouting and take the guesswork out of crop progress.

ADAMA's New Ag Service Provides Analysis of Aerial Data

Plant stress analysis via ADAMA Eagle Eye.

The technology is backed by Agremo, a company that focuses on simplicity in precision agriculture. ADAMA Eagle Eye powered by Agremo uses high-end technology that’s easy to use, easy to grasp, and easy to run to help drone operators and agricultural consultants and producers achieve higher outputs. The technology was successfully applied in more than 100 countries on more than 100 crop types, for various plant counting and plant health analytics.

Jake Brodsgaard, CEO at ADAMA US, said, “We’re excited to offer this extended service to our customers and contribute to the effective use of agriculture inputs. This advanced technology, coupled with ADAMA’s broad portfolio of solutions, extends the value we bring growers.”

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