Tech Hub LIVE: Empowering AgTech Innovation and Networking

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Tech Hub LIVE, an emergent AgTech trade show, recently took center stage in Des Moines, IA, captivating attendees with its diverse range of exhibitors, insightful presentations, and invaluable networking opportunities. Spanning 1.5 days from July 25-26, 2023, the event showcased the latest advancements in agricultural technology. It explored the crucial and evolving role of ag retailers in bridging the gap between farmers and cutting-edge innovations.

The trade show’s primary focus was the intersection of agriculture and technology, attracting a varied audience, including tech developers, retailers, testing labs, producers, input manufacturers, and more. The presence of notable industry players like Taranis, Landus, Sunrise Cooperative, Frenchman Valley Coop, Ever.Ag, Midwest Labs, and Waypoint Labs underscored the event’s significance. Moreover, it served as an excellent platform for forging connections with industry giants such as Corteva, Yara, John Deere, and Nutrien. Beyond agriculture, NASA’s director of the NASA Acres and the NASA Harvest programs gave the keynote address, and representatives from Trimble and ESRI also brought the perspective of geospatial integration potential.


A noteworthy highlight of the event was the “Women in Ag Tech” segment, which marked the first in-person gathering for this group. Participants revealed invaluable networking opportunities and were encouraged to stay connected via a dedicated LinkedIn group. With another event scheduled at the upcoming Vision Conference, this initiative is poised to expand further, fostering inclusivity and diversity within the AgTech sector.

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A key recurring theme throughout the conference was the essential role of ag retailers in facilitating the adoption of new technologies among farmers. Attendees learned that farmers and retailers seek solutions that prioritize convenience, interoperability, and trust in well-established companies.

One participant of the Farmer Panel shared a message for technology developers, “We want to be convenienced, not convinced,” a nod toward solutions that don’t aim to solve higher priority on-farm challenges. It was clear from statements made by farmers, retailers, and API integration specialists that the amount of technology released on the market has outpaced the rate of adoption. This underscores the need for tech providers to focus on providing user-friendly solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems and demonstrate a track record of reliability.

The trade show also explored the concept of data sharing among retailers, aiming to foster a collective model for faster advancements at a reduced cost. This concept could be a potential boon for biological soil testing and data analytic companies, as they could play a pivotal role in enhancing the precision and efficiency of such data-driven models.

There was significant excitement about drones as a tool for field scouting, and even for application of ag inputs. Drones aim to accomplish these time-consuming and diesel-consumptive tasks at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the high-resolution imagery produced allows for precise and predictive management recommendations.

The exhibit hall at Tech Hub LIVE 2023 featured more than 60 exhibitors.

The exhibit hall at Tech Hub LIVE 2023 featured more than 60 exhibitors.

With a well-curated exhibit hall featuring around 60 booths, the trade show struck a harmonious balance between content-rich sessions and ample networking opportunities. However, the limited free time might have hindered some attendees from exploring the expo hall fully.

In conclusion, Tech Hub LIVE proved as a successful congregation for the AgTech industry, fostering knowledge exchange, networking, and the exploration of groundbreaking innovations between pioneers and newcomers alike. The event’s emphasis on the crucial role of retailers in facilitating technology adoption reflects the industry’s progressive outlook. Moving forward, AgTech companies can capitalize on these insights to fine-tune their offerings and actively contribute to the advancement of agriculture worldwide.