First AI Ag Advisor Provides Farmers With a Wide Array of Agronomic Intelligence

Farmers Business Network (FBN), the global AgTech platform and farmer-to-farmer network, has announced the launch of an industry-first artificial intelligence (AI) powered agronomic advisor, named Norm, to provide farmers with a wide array of agronomic intelligence. FBN is inviting its members to experiment with Norm, helping refine the feedback it provides.

Norm is built on OpenAI’s Chatbot GPT-3.5 and draws from publicly available data such as weather insights, soil monitoring, application rates, product labels, current events, university research, and grower commentary – as well as FBN proprietary data feeds, to enable growers to query a vast array of agronomic, farm business, animal health, and product usage questions.


“Farmers have to make hundreds of decisions each season, on topics as diverse as soil chemistry, plant genetics and diseases, chemical applications, equipment repair, and commodity price hedging. It’s hard to be an expert in all of those areas. We envision a future where Norm can serve as a first line advisor to our members across dozens of topics,” said Kit Barron, Head of Data Science at Farmers Business Network. “The possibilities are truly limitless when it comes to leveraging AI and Norm to increase farmer profitability and ROI.”

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Here are some of the ways that Norm can benefit farmers:

  • Chemical Intelligence: Norm can help identify generic alternatives, application rates, pest and disease targets, tank mix and nozzle suggestions.
  • Input Guidance: Norm can provide guidance into the best seed varieties based on geographic region, soil type, climate, even real-time market demand, as well as herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide that will be most effective on their fields.
  • Pest and Disease Strategies: Norm can help farmers develop strategies for dealing with common pest and disease issues, incorporating practice management with specific products.
  • General Agronomic Advice: Norm can provide counsel on everything from irrigation to fertilization to crop rotation, providing tailored answers to farmers based on their specific circumstances.
  • Livestock & Animal Health: Norm can help producers understand diseases and pharmaceuticals, especially in beef cattle.

The name for Norm pays homage to an agricultural icon, Dr. Norman Borlaug, an agronomist who lived from 1914 until 2009 and is considered the Father of the Green Revolution. He won the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Peace prize for his agronomic work. Last month would have marked his 109th birthday.

Norm is now available for any FBN Member on the company’s website at: