PACE Initiatives For 2012

Encourage Innovation During Good Economic Times


Retailers, along with virtually all of production agriculture, are benefitting from a strong farm economy. This is the time when retailers have the resources to look farther into the future and consider innovations that will ensure the long term viability of their businesses.

Highlight Strategies For Working With Progressive Growers

The grower is changing demographically as generational turnover continues, and is becoming more progressive in their approach to managing the farm. Retailers must adapt their sales teams and customer approach to more closely match the needs of the “grower of the future.”

Champion Industry’s Positive Message

Agriculture has many positive stories to tell to the public and regulators, and retailers must actively engage these individuals and groups and personally share this message.

Identify And Share Best Agronomic Practices

Regulators and the public are demanding that agriculture use the best practices possible to ensure accurate and timely fertilizer and crop protection application. From employing The Fertilizer Institute’s “4R” approach to fertilizer management to employing precision technology to create field prescriptions, apply products and keep field records, there are many best management practices retailers should consider adopting or enhancing.

Continue To Support Precision Agriculture Standards

Through initiatives like AgGateway, retailers should get engaged in and promote efforts that further the development of standards for precision agriculture.

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