Asmark Institute Sponsors 25 ResponsibleAg Auditor Training Scholarships

Asmark Institute Sponsors 25 ResponsibleAg Auditor Training Scholarships

The Asmark Institute has announced plans to provide 25 scholarships through their affiliated State fertilizer and agrichemical associations to help encourage qualified individuals to become credentialed auditors under the ResponsibleAg Certification Program. At the heart of the ResponsibleAg initiative is the goal of providing accurate and credible audits consistently across the entire group of carefully trained ResponsibleAg credentialed auditors. There have been 84 auditors complete the training and pass the credentialing process so far. While the numbers of “internal” auditors, those trained to perform audits for their own company, has grown rapidly, there is a need for qualified “contract” auditors, those who will provide the service of performing audits for small and medium-size independent or cooperative businesses.


Each scholarship will offset the $2,150 registration for training and includes the credentialing application process. The scholarship program is designed to help offset some of the start-up costs for new auditors and help relieve some of the risk associated with launching a new national initiative of this magnitude. Recipients of the scholarships are expected to follow through and provide the service of performing audits.

“There are no better references than the State agribusiness association to help locate, select and foster the local highly-qualified individuals needed for this program,” said Allen Summers, President of the Asmark Institute, “so it was an easy decision on our part to support our partners in each State and look to them for help with launching this vital program.”

Individuals interested in learning more about this scholarship program should contact their participating State agribusiness association. To learn more about ResponsibleAg, contact the Helpdesk at 270-683-6777 or visit the website at

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