11 Fertilizer and Seed Tenders Focused on Safety, Versatility

Versatility continues to be a primary focus for manufacturers of seed and fertilizer tenders. This was quite evident in a recent story by CropLife IRON editor Dan Jacobs.


“The goal for all tender customers is to have the ability to get multiple products in significant quantities to the destination quickly, safely, simply, and flexibly,” says Shan Kruse, Product Development Director, Peterson Motors Co./Quickveyor.

As Kruse mentions, safety is another major focus for tender suppliers. Features such as alarms, port inspection holes, and vibrators for hopper cleanout are all designed with the operator’s safety in mind.

“We are always striving to make changes to improve safety when operating our equipment,” adds Matt Hays, Sales and Production for Hays LTI. “We are always moving our final product to be simple and performance-driven, but most importantly, safe to operate.”

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