Pay Attention To Your Grower-Customers

One of the first rules of the business world I learned back in the day was that it is critical for long-term success to pay attention to the customer. This certainty applies to the world of ag retailers. If grower-customers are making money, this revenue will inevitably trickle down to ag retailers/industry supplier pockets.


It’s for this reason that I found information on a recent survey so interesting, especially when it comes to agricultural technology. In mid-April L.E.K. Consulting released data from a survey of 300 U.S. growers discussing current trends and making future predictions. Among this information was the fact that nearly half of the respondents to this survey were using precision agriculture systems/methods in their farming operations.

This included employing such services as soil sampling, monitoring and mapping, and equipment positioning/guidance. In fact, one-quarter of those surveyed (25%) indicated they were using nine or more different precision applications on their crop fields.

The survey went on to say that growers using precision ag technologies on their farms saw their yields improve by nearly 60%. Almost one-third also said that using precision ag systems helped reduce their input costs as well.

To me, what made this information on precision agriculture so interesting is how much of it is apparently being used by grower-customers. For those wanting to find out more about these and other ag technology trends, I would encourage you to check out Also, consider attending this summer’s 2019 InfoAg Conference (July 23-25) in St. Louis. Visit for that show’s information.

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