IFCA’s Jean Payne Retires

Following a 23-year stint at the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association (IFCA), President Jean Payne has officially stepped down. In a farewell email to the industry, Payne thanked everyone for making her stay at the trade association so memorable.


Jean Payne

“I never had a job with IFCA, I had a career that I loved, working for people and companies who I was always extremely proud to represent,” said Payne. “My passion was fueled by you, the hard-working members of the crop production supply and service industry. You never asked for more than what was reasonable and the opportunity to operate freely, responsibly, and safely. If I had a dollar for every time an IFCA member told me ‘thank you’ I could have retired years ago!

“So, from me, thank you for the support, the honest conversations, for being a proactive industry, and for allowing me to speak for you, help you, and have fun doing it,” she concluded. “I wish you all continued success, profitability, health, and happiness.”

From all of us at CropLife, let’s add another dollar to your total: Thank you, Jean, for all your hard work on our industry’s behalf! You will be missed!