Daily Dicamba Update: Q&A with J.B. Pearl’s Scott Stallbaumer

Scott Stallbaumer, General Manager, J.B. Pearl, St. Marys, KS, chats about the company’s experience with dicamba-resistant cropping systems in 2017, and why he believes we will see a more favorable outcome in 2018.


CL: Tell us about your 2017 experience with dicamba-tolerant crops.

Daily Dicamba Update: Q&A with J.B. Pearl's Scott Stallbaumer


Our experience with dicamba-tolerant crops was very favorable. We experienced excellent control of Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, and other broadleaf weeds that our desired crop co-exists with. In the Roundup Ready system we are currently using, we were beginning to have glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth escapes every year with the density increasing. The dicamba-tolerant system is needed in our area to provide another tool for control of Palmer amaranth.

CL: What will be the big watchouts going into this year related to dicamba application?

The big watchouts, I believe, will be trying to stay within the labelled wind and buffer requirements that are part of dicamba-tolerant herbicide label. The buffer can me managed with good communication and recordkeeping between the neighboring grower fields. I am concerned on how we will be able to cover the acres at the right time with the wind and consistent wind that we can experience in Kansas.

CL: What changes, if any, did you make over the winter in preparation for higher plantings in 2018?

We had all of our operators and salespeople attend at least one mandatory training. Other than that, we felt like we didn’t need to make a whole lot of changes. Last year we changed our loading system around to help ensure that we didn’t have any possible nitrogen contamination with our spray water.

CL: How did you feel the training exercise worked?

I believe the training exercises were effective.  The people that want to see the product stay labelled understand how important it is to follow the label after attending a training session.

CL: What are you telling farmer customers about what to expect in 2018? Do you feel they are prepared for what’s coming, in particular postharvest?

I think we will see excellent weed control and plant performance this year. We are encouraging everybody to communicate with their neighbors and try to spray early and use a residual.  I think farmers want to see dicamba-tolerant crops succeed. There will be a lot farmers trying to do things the right way, and with the training and the experience from last year, we should have a more favorable experience this year. Then we will worry about next year.

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