Daily Dicamba Update: Mobile Apps, Online Tools for Dicamba Applications

Daily Dicamba Update: Mobile Apps, Online Tools for Dicamba Applications

There are several mobile apps and online tools available that can assist you with dicamba applications this season. Here’s a quick rundown of those, including links to access them and/or download them from the Apple App Store and Google Play:


RXtend Spray app. The RXtend Spray App from Monsanto helps you plan sprays more effectively by providing weather forecasts including inversion risk probability and the ability to create and retain application records. A Forecast feature helps growers and applicators identify weather conditions and inversion risk prior to spray applications. Android, iPhone, and iPad

Engenia Herbicide Spray Tool. BASF has launched its latest stewardship resource to assist growers with on-target applications this season – the Engenia Herbicide Spray Tool. The mobile-friendly website gives applicators key weather information at the touch of a button without downloading an application. The tool uses a phone’s location services, or a desktop’s IP address to provide localized information for determining the right time to apply Engenia herbicide. Visit engeniaspraytool.com.

Dicamba Stewardship app. This web-based app from BASF provides applicators with a mobile-friendly, easy-to-access, digital stewardship resource center in the palm of their hands. The app allows educational tools to continue to aid those applicators and growers who plan to use Engenia herbicide in 2018 after they have attended a required training session. This app provides a host of tools, resources, information and training, such as a spray checklist, a record-keeping form and information on where to attend a dicamba or auxin-specific training session. Visit EngeniaStewardship.com.

“Preventing Dicamba Drift” video. As we move into seasonally warmer temperatures the potential for dicamba drift is higher. Larry Steckel, University of Tennessee Department of Plant Sciences, reminds producers of ways to prevent off-target dicamba movement in this video from the United Soybean Board.  Watch video.

Flag the Technology app. This mobile app from Texas AgriLife Extension Service is a field marking program that is a widely used practice to prevent misapplication of pesticides. Texas A&M AgriLife’s Texas Crop Registry is a registration system used by producers in conjunction with Flag the Technology to register crop/vineyard locations, crop type, herbicide tolerances, and apiary locations so misapplication of pesticides and resultant crop damage can be avoided. Applicators then use the registry to identify and note crop locations, types, herbicide resistance, and their proximity to surrounding crops, vineyards, or apiaries that may be sensitive to the pesticide being applied so application adjustments can be made to protect non-target crops. Android, iPhone, and iPad

Hit the Target. Hit the Target, which began in 2017 and is offered by Texas A&M AgriLife Research, is a website where crop locations can be marked for others to see. Hit the Target is currently implemented in Texas. This site features all crops – specialty, organic, conventional with no herbicide technology traits and herbicide-tolerant – using the color-coded Flag the Technology. Learn more at hitthetarget.tamu.edu.

Spray Guide app. This mobile app from Plant Health Technologies helps ensure applicators are mixing crop protection products in the proper sequence for uniform and safe applications. Following the proper mixing, sequence helps prevent product incompatibilities and can save applicators time and money by avoiding product loss and sprayer clean-out problems. Spray Guide also captures product use rates and application information and conveniently maintains comprehensive, accurate Spray Logs for easy record keeping, which are compliant with Worker Protection Standards. Records can also include local weather, nozzle used, and GPS field location. Android, iPhone, and iPad

SpraySelect. The TeeJet Technologies SpraySelect App allows you to quickly and easily choose the proper tip or nozzle for your application. Just enter speed, spacing and your target rate, Select your drop size category and you have a list of tips that will work for your application. iPhone, and iPad

John Deere Nozzle Select. The John Deere Nozzle Select mobile app for Application Equipment gives operators the ability to find the right spray nozzle for the job. Nozzle Select is a guide intended to provide an overview of John Deere Nozzles that are recommended for a variety of different product application types. Maximize sprayer application efficiency by entering spacing, speed, application rate, density, and droplet type to find the right nozzle at your fingertips. Android, iPhone, and iPad

Pesticide Recordkeeping (PeRK). The Pesticide Recordkeeping App, or “PeRK”, is developed by the University of Nebraska-Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program. PeRK provides an easy, step-by-step data entry process to enter pesticide application data and meets all Nebraska recordkeeping laws for private and commercial/noncommercial pesticide applicators. Location is found by GPS or manually entered. Records are saved within the app and can be exported via email. Android, iPhone, and iPad

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