Top 10 Ag Retailers With the Most Revenue in Precision Ag Services

While our annual CropLife 100 ranking is based on sales from crop inputs (e.g., seed, fertilizer, crop protection products) and custom application, it doesn’t include other key categories such as precision ag services and products. And yet we still track this additional information to help us get a more complete understanding of the revenue portfolios of the largest ag retailers in the country. As it turns out, our audience really wants to know this critical information, too.


As always, we asked CropLife 100 survey respondents to provide their estimated revenue in precision agriculture services/products. While CropLife has partnered with Purdue University for years in surveying retailers on their precision farming adoption and the specific services offered, our top 100 survey gets to the bottom line (although we keep precise dollar amounts confidential).

What’s not surprising about the top 10 ag retailers with the most revenue in precision ag services/products is who is on the list. It’s the big names you’d expect, with eight of the 10 companies among the top 20 retailers in the overall top 100 ranking. To take it a step further, these 10 companies accounted for $727.1 million in precision ag service revenue in 2021, which was a 90% share of total CropLife 100 precision ag sales. To find out which retailers made the list (in reverse order of sales), view the slideshow above.

Editor’s note: Companies included in the CropLife 100 listings were limited to independent dealerships and cooperatives that offer fertilizer, crop protection, seed, and custom application services. Figures do not include a host of services, such as data management, consulting/scouting, or grain elevator revenue. Dealerships and cooperatives are ranked in order by total sales in their respective sales group.