Top 10 Ag Retailers With the Most Facilities in 2021

The consolidation trend among CropLife 100 ag retailers has held relatively steady for decades now. With a handful of mergers and acquisitions each year, its perhaps the single biggest factor that influences our annual rankings.


This past year, we’ve seen Co-Alliance and Harvest Land Coop merge, as well as Landmark Services Cooperative and Countryside Cooperative, and NEW Cooperative and MaxYield Cooperative. These deals were on the heels of other recent CropLife 100 consolidation, including Mid Kansas Coop (MKC) purchasing fellow Kansas-based ag retailer Mid-West Fertilizer, Simplot Grower Solutions buying Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution, and three hundred-million dollar cooperatives in the Mid-South region — Greenpoint AG, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, and Agri-AFC — combining their retail businesses.

Consolidation not only impacts companies moving up and down (and off) the CropLife 100 rankings, it also has a huge impact on the number of retail locations each has to serve their grower-customers. Take Nutrien Ag Solutions, for example. The company reported that it now has 1,000 outlets in its family of locations. This was due in large part to its acquisition of Van Horn in 2019.

Consolidation has also meant fewer retailers have at least 100 stores to their name. In 2021, that number has shrunk to just eight companies. Taking it a step further, only 10 CropLife 100 retailers now have more than 85 locations. Overall, these 10 ag retailers combined had a total of 3,288 locations, which is 68% of all CropLife 100 facilities. To find out which 10 companies — which included six dealerships and four cooperatives — have the most retail facilities (in reverse order), view the slideshow above.

Editor’s note: Companies included in the 2021 CropLife 100 listings were limited to independent dealerships and cooperatives that offer fertilizer, crop protection, seed, and custom application services. Figures do not include a host of services, such as data management, consulting/scouting, or grain elevator revenue. Dealerships and cooperatives are ranked in order by total sales in their respective sales group.