GROWMARK Announces New And Retiring Directors

GROWMARK, Inc., Bloomington, IL, has announced the results of director elections, held in conjunction with the regional cooperative’s annual meeting in Chicago.


Five of the cooperative’s 16 director seats, established by geographic zone, were elected and will serve three-year terms. GROWMARK’s five established governance zones cover all of North America; there are multiple directors per zone. One at-large director represents Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin Farm Bureaus. GROWMARK is affiliated with Farm Bureau in those states.

Individuals elected to the GROWMARK Board include:

Zone A – Rick Nelson of Paxton, IL, has served on the GROWMARK Board since 1990. He was elected vice chairman in 2004. He and his wife Pat operate a 2,100 acre cash grain farm. He is also president of the Ludlow Cooperative Elevator Board.

Ron Pierson, Walnut, IL, was elected to his first term on the GROWMARK Board. Ron and his wife, Cari, operate a 1,500-acre grain and cattle farm. He is active in his church and community and serves as president of Ag View FS.

Zone B – Chet Esther, Frederick, IL, has served on the GROWMARK Board since 1994. He and his wife, Lori, along with their two sons, operate a 4,700-acre grain farm. He currently serves as president of Two Rivers FS.

Zone C – John Reifsteck, Champaign, IL, has served on the GROWMARK Board since 1993, and is currently vice chairman. He and his wife, Nancy, operate a corn and soybean farm in western Champaign County.

Zone D – Kevin Herink, Clutier, IA, has served on the GROWMARK Board since 2010. He and his wife, Tammy, Tammy operate a 1500-acre family farm, market 5,000 head of hogs annually, and keep a small herd of Gelbvieh cows. Since 1987, Herink has served several terms on his local cooperative boards, and is currently vice president of the board of New Century FS.

Zone F – Warren Jibb operates a 750-acre dairy and crop farm with his brother and family members near Sunderland, Ontario. Jibb is President of Sunderland Co-operative.

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