CropLife Magazine Unveils 2020 Ranking of Top 100 U.S. Ag Retailers

CropLife magazine has published its annual CropLife 100, a listing of the largest U.S. ag retailers ranked by sales.


Companies included in the 2020 ranking were limited to independent dealerships and cooperatives offering four main product categories: fertilizer, crop protection products, seed, and custom application services.

Overall, CropLife 100 dealerships and cooperatives recorded just shy of $32 billion in revenue during the year, down only slightly from the 2019 total. This was the primary finding of the annual CropLife 100 survey of the nation’s leading ag retailers. Now in its 37th year, the CropLife 100 helps provide some insights into how those retailers with annual sales ranging from “several million dollars to multiple billion dollars” have done over the past growing season.

“And during 2020, the agricultural industry, while dealing with the normal levels of uncertainty that appear each and every year, also had to deal with a rather big ‘elephant in the room’ blocking virtually every business’ clear view of the world, COVID-19,” said Eric Sfiligoj, CropLife Editor.

Nutrien Ag Solutions (formerly Crop Production Services) again maintains its position as the country’s leading retailer with more than $1 billion in sales, 45 states served, and 1,000-plus retail outlets. This marks the 37th year Nutrien has appeared in the CropLife 100.

The top seven companies — which all surpassed $1 billion in retail sales this past year — experienced a bit of a shake-up from last year. After the late 2019 announcement that Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution was being acquired by Simplot Growers Solutions, “The Big Seven” seemed destined to become “The Big Six” for 2020. However, in September, GreenPoint AG merged with Tennessee Farmers Cooperative and Agri-AFC. This vaulted the new GreenPoint AG into the billion-dollar club as the new No. 7.

Meanwhile, by virtue of its 2019 Pinnacle acquisition, Simplot has now moved into the No. 3 spot among all ag retailers in terms of overall sales. Here’s how the rest of the top 10 ag retailers shook out:

  1. Nutrien Ag Solutions
  2. Helena Agri-Enterprises
  3. Simplot Grower Solutions
  5. Wilbur-Ellis
  6. CHS
  7. GreenPoint AG
  8. Southern States Cooperative
  9. MFA
  10. Agtegra Cooperative

For a full list of the 2020 CropLife 100, check out the December issue of CropLife magazine or visit Here you’ll not only gain access to this year’s sortable rankings, but you’ll also find historical rankings (2013-2019), company profiles for all 100 retailers, and the full downloadable report — complete with charts, tables, rankings, and in-depth analysis of each main product category.