Co-Alliance Joins Indiana Climate Coalition

IN-CLIMATE has announced Co-Alliance Cooperative as its newest member. IN-CLIMATE is a coalition of diverse stakeholders across the entire food supply chain to come together in a collaborative dialog to advance decision-making and inform balanced climate policy that benefits Indiana’s farmers and all people of our state.

“Agriculture is a solution to climate and our voice needs to be heard,” said IN-CLIMATE CEO and Founder Sarah Beth Aubrey.


In this landmark alliance, IN-CLIMATE members are trusted partners that gather to convene collaborative dialog, educational forums, data gathering, and information sharing that leads to better decision-making and informed, balanced climate policy and practices.

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Co-Alliance’s membership is valuable as IN-CLIMATE increases its reach to farmers and agricultural conservation within Indiana. Co-Alliance will be represented in the climate conversation by Phil Brewer, VP and Chief Strategy Officer, and Caleb Smith, Director of Sustainability, as members of IN-CLIMATE.

“Co-Alliance’s partnership with IN-CLIMATE signifies our commitment to minimize the environmental footprint of our four divisions through collaboration with stakeholders within Indiana’s ag and energy value chains while also providing our grower-owners with opportunities to monetize on-farm conservation efforts that increase the resiliency of Hoosier farms,” says Caleb Smith.

Co-Alliance has 8,100 farmer-owners in Indiana, representing 3 million Indiana agriculture acres serviced, who will benefit from their partnership with IN-CLIMATE.