Ultra Yield Micronutrients Acquires Kronos Micronutrients

Ultra Yield Micronutrients, Inc. ”Ultra”, an affiliate of Cameron Chemicals, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has acquired the assets of Kronos Micronutrients LP, “Kronos”, zinc sulfate production facility located in Moxee, WA. Richard Camp, former owner of Kronos, will join the new company, as a consultant. All other staff at Kronos are expected to remain in place. All products produced at the Moxee facility will continue to be marketed under the logos and trademarks, Kronos-33.3% Zinc Sulfate and Blu-Min Zinc Sulfate 35.5%.


John Bowen, Robert Bowen and Mark Whitfield, the principals of Cameron Chemicals and Ultra Yield, will be intricately involved in the sales and day-to-day operations of the Moxee facility.

Cameron Chemicals, Inc., was founded by the Bowen family, and has been producing granular micronutrients at their Suffolk, VA production facility since 1987. Cameron Chemicals growth over the last 30 years includes the 2015 purchase of Agrium’s Advanced Micronutrient Products, Inc., (AMP) business unit and production facility located in Reese, MI. Both facilities are manufacturers of granular micronutrients for the agricultural, turf, horticultural and ornamental markets.

Cameron Chemicals, Suffolk, VA, and Advanced Micronutrient Products, Reese, MI, facilities produce single element zinc, manganese, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and boron, as well as multi-element micronutrient mixes that are tailored to the end user for blending, soil test or other agronomic requirements. Manufactured products include SGN sizes ranging from 85 to 260. These products are sold through key distribution networks located in North America, Europe and Asia.

Cameron Chemicals is the North American distributor of Granular 10% Boron and 15% Boron, with their partner UlexAndes-USA, LLC, from their distribution points in Moses Lake, WA, Baltimore, MD, Suffolk, VA and Savannah, GA. AMP is a key distributor of NutraSul 90 and Supreme 85 sulfur thru their partner, Keg River Chemical in Edmonton, AB.

For sales information on any micronutrient products sold by Cameron Chemicals, AMP or Ultra Yield, contact John Bowen at 419-566-1644.

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