The Newest Ag Powerhouse: Q&A with UPL’s Diego Casanello

The Newest Ag Powerhouse: Q&A with UPL’s Diego Casanello

India’s UPL Limited on Friday announced it completed the acquisition of Arysta LifeScience Inc. from Platform Specialty Products for $4.2 billion, adding to the wave of mega-mergers the crop input industry has witnessed over the last four years, writes Jackie Pucci on


In pursuit of its long-term vision to be a world leader in the global food network, UPL also launched its new purpose, called “OpenAg.” It stands for open-minded partnerships and creating win-win partnerships, thus broadening the space to create value along a wider food production network.

Diego Lopez Casanello

“Through our purpose of OpenAg, we aim to transform agriculture by creating an open agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all,” said Jai Shroff, Global CEO.

AgriBusiness Global had the opportunity to chat with Diego Lopez Casanello, Chief Operating Officer of the new UPL’s Crop Protection business. Before the merger, Casanello served as President of Arysta LifeScience, based in Cary, NC.

ABG: Where are the biggest gains for the new company?

The two companies before were very successful in outperforming the market. But they did business in their own way. Both companies found a way to be successful being different than many other companies in the crop protection business. In the case of UPL, they’ve managed to be the absolute cost leaders, and at the same time be the most agile company in the market. In the case of Arysta, we have focused on marketing – on being a marketing powerhouse – and on customer and technology relationships.

Now we’re bringing these two companies together, and we want to maintain those attributes. Going into the next five years, we plan to double the business again.


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