Syngenta Introduces AgriPro Winter Wheat Varieties for Fall Planting Season

Syngenta is adding two new soft winter wheat varieties to its portfolio of AgriPro brand wheat for the 2019-2020 season. Both varieties were developed to address specific production challenges within the Eastern U.S. winter wheat market.


For growers in the northern part of the region, SY 576 stands tall as a full-season variety with excellent stalk strength, good scab tolerance and very good leaf and stripe rust resistance. Its area of adaptation spans from Illinois to Pennsylvania and south to North Carolina.

Growers in the southern part of the region will gain access to top-end yielder SY Richie. This variety has very good test weight, a bright white head and good barley yellow dwarf virus tolerance. With medium-early maturity, SY Richie is a good fit for delayed planting situations.

“Our new class of winter wheat varieties continues our tradition of developing top-performing varieties that address local production challenges,” said Ken Davis, Syngenta key account lead for Eastern Soft. “We’ve seen excellent results from these varieties over the past couple of years of testing and are confident they will fulfill a need on growers’ farms.”