Iowa State Establishes Monsanto Soybean Chair

A gift from Monsanto will establish a new faculty chair in soybean breeding within the Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


In addition to supporting faculty breeding research, the Monsanto Chair in Soybean Breeding will help support graduate students pursuing degrees in plant breeding. These students will join a group of more than 50 Monsanto Fellows in Plant Breeding across eight universities.

“The Monsanto Chair in Soybean Breeding will expand our soybean research capabilities, as well as support the preparation of students for successful careers in agriculture,” said Kendall Lamkey, chair of the Department of Agronomy in a prepared statement. “It’s these students who will go on to develop new agricultural innovations that will help soybean growers, including those in the No. 1 soybean state of Iowa, continue to be successful.”

Soybean breeding at Iowa State University aimed at enhanced soybean oil traits has resulted in release of more than 180 varieties over the years, trained more than 80 graduate students and provided research experience to hundreds of undergraduates, according to the release.

“Continued investment and improvement in plant breeding is an integral part of making agriculture more productive,” said Sam Eathington, Monsanto’s vice president of global plant breeding in a prepared statement. “We’re excited to work with Iowa State University to promote additional soybean breeding research that can help farmers meet growing global demands, as well as support the development of the industry’s future leaders.”

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