Becker Underwood Inoculant Technology Videos Available Online

Three new videos providing technical information for soybean growers and commercial seed treaters on the VAULT HP plus INTEGRAL treatment system are now available online at Becker Underwood premiered the videos at the 2013 Commodity Classic in Florida.


“Inoculant technology has changed dramatically in the past several years, and the VAULT HP plus INTEGRAL inoculant system is a perfect example of that,” explains Charles Whitt, Becker Underwood communications manager. “The videos provide retailers, seed treaters and soybean growers with a handy resource for learning more about the benefits of today’s advanced inoculant technology and how to achieve maximum performance from the on-seed application of VAULT HP plus INTEGRAL.”

The three videos highlight the unique features and benefits of the VAULT HP plus INTEGRAL BioStacked technology, including:

For soybean growers and seed treaters

  • Inoculant Basics: How and why the rhizobia in VAULT HP inoculant plays such a key role in improved nitrogen fixation, root vigor, nodulation and nutrient uptake of the soybean plant.
  • Packaging: How the unique packaging of VAULT HP plus INTEGRAL helps ensure a guaranteed high-count of fresh, robust rhizobia, and extends days-on-seed rhizobia survival.

For retailers and commercial seed treaters

  • Storage and Application: Recommended procedures on how to store, mix and apply VAULT HP plus INTEGRAL properly to a soybean grower’s seed plus procedures to store and transport treated seed to obtain maximum performance.

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