Farmers Business Network F2F 2018 Coverage Farmers Business Network F2F 2018 Coverage

FBN Co-founder and VP of Product Charles Baron implores the audience to “Take Control” of its farming destiny.


Planned to be in Omaha last week for Farmers Business Network’s Farmer2Farmer IV conference, but couldn’t make it to the Midwest in mid-December? You’re in luck, dear reader, as we sent on of our editors on the road to check out F2F last week.

Coverage is over on, if you want to check it out.

Here’s a click-through to the overall event wrap up article, “Farmers Business Network: Farming in the Fast Lane”.

And here’s a link to a quick one-off we did on the biggest news to come out of F2F IV, a new partnership with Amazon Business for FBN member-farmers.

Alright you crazy kids, have fun with the content. And if you’re so inclined, drop us a line in the Comments Section and let us know your thoughts, what you liked and what you didn’t like. We’d really appreciate the feedback.

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