Online Ag Retailer CommoditAg Adds Two New Suppliers to Expand its Product Line

CommoditAg has added two new suppliers, Northview Family Farms and Stoller USA, to further expand its line of high-quality farm products. CommoditAg now offers high-quality alfalfa hay from Northview Family Farms and several biostimulants and crop nutrition products from Stoller.


“We source the everyday farm products farmers know and trust, as well as feature niche and emerging suppliers and products that farmers may not otherwise have access to explore,” said John Demerly, CEO, CommoditAg. “Northview Family Farms and Stoller products help farmers maximize crop yields and animal nutrition, and we are thrilled to have them join our supplier network and expand our product offerings.”

Northview Family Farms is a family-owned haying business in north-central Nebraska that grows dairy quality alfalfa. In operation for more than 15 years, the farm’s primary business is raising and selling high-quality alfalfa throughout the U.S.

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