Midwest Seed Genetics: Countering Big Seed

Midwest Seed Genetics: Countering Big Seed

Veteran seedsman Don Funk has started a new company called Midwest Seed Genetics, based in Kentland, IN. Why? Though he and son Dan see a lot of excitement for the future in the seed market, they also see frustration and dissatisfaction coming from growers and industry professionals. “The people of agriculture are being left behind,” says Don.


Midwest Seed Genetics aims to “strip away the complexity, gimmicks and inefficiency the industry has created,” says Don. The goal is to allow growers to keep more profits.

Don adds that the market has also become too inward focused. “We want to provide choice and experience based on what customers tell us they want, rather than what we decide is good for them.”

More independent brands have been launched in last several years in response to big mergers, believes Dan. He says the small companies are able to cater to different segments of the market. Midwest Seed will offer traits from major platforms, technologies and germplasm, as well access to unique specialty hybrids in crops such as alfalfa, sorghum.

The company has been building its sales force over the last several months and will continue into 2018.