Charah Adds Two Products To Sul4R-Plus Fertilizer Product Line

Charah Adds Two Products To Sul4R-Plus Fertilizer Product Line

Charah, Inc., a total solutions company providing agricultural products including SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer, announced the introduction of two new micronutrient products to its SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer product line – SUL4R-PLUS ZINC fertilizer (zinc, calcium, and sulfur) and SUL4R-PLUS BORON fertilizer (boron, calcium, and sulfur).


The micronutrients found in each new product are engineered to deliver immediate nutrition in every particle to ensure plants are uniformly fed.

“We follow the 4Rs of crop nutrition – right place, right time, right product, and right rate,” said Scott Vanderventer, Charah’s director of agricultural product sales. “We took the ‘best in class, quality calcium sulfate’ and added a zinc and boron option to the retailer’s portfolio of products.”

SUL4R-PLUS products are produced at the highest of standards which make them the most efficient and cost effective products on the market today. While there are other similar fertilizers on the market, added Vanderventer, none of those products have the technology needed to make micro-nutrition available to every plant in the acre.

Charah uses exclusive technology and proven chemistry to engineer products that increase yield and crop quality. When SUL4R-PLUS products are used at recommended rates, they can deliver 30 to 40 pellets per square foot, providing growers with peace of mind that available crop nutrition is supplied to every plant in the field, Vanderventer said.

Additional benefits of the product include dust-free handling, immediate water soluble availability and excellent spread uniformity and blend ability.

“The grower will be able to sleep at night, having the confidence he has delivered the available nutrients to every plant in every acre,” said Vanderventer.

SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer is an on-demand supply of pelletized calcium sulfate that is engineered to provide improved crop yield for growers. Charah Agricultural Products has a patent-pending process to pelletize the product, making the application of calcium and sulfur easier and more efficient for the farmer, therefore, making it more efficient for the farmer to meet the industry’s increasing demand for sulfur.

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