Charah Add Three Warehouses For SUL4R-PLUS Fertilizer

Charah Add Three Warehouses For SUL4R-PLUS Fertilizer

Charah, Inc., a total solutions company providing unparalleled service and innovation for the coal-fired power generation industry, announced today that Charah Agricultural Products has recently established agreements for three additional warehouse locations for the storage and distribution of SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer, a pelletized calcium sulfate with Boron and Zinc options available.

  • Charah Agricultural Products has added a new supply location through Consolidated Grain & Barge (CGB) in Jeffersonville, IN. This location provides least cost sourcing via truck or rail through the warehouse in Jeffersonville for locations throughout the Midwest including Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.
  • Charah Agricultural Products has added a new supply location through GROWMARK, Inc. in Seneca, IL. This location provides marketplace access via truck and rail through the warehouse in Seneca for locations throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • Charah Agricultural Products has added a new supply location through Tampa-based, JM Fertilizer LLC through JM’s warehouse in New Orleans, LA. This warehouse provides distribution for locations throughout the South, Southeast and Mississippi Delta as well as Latin America and Central America.

“We are pleased to add these strategic geographic locations to provide additional storage and distribution for the growing demand of SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer and its Boron and Zinc options now available,” said Scott Vanderventer, Director of Sales. “Because of its uniform pellet size, SUL4R-PLUS calcium sulfate can be applied and blended with other dry inputs, making NPK much more efficient. It spreads evenly for superior coverage, allowing farmers to make just one pass across their field, and because it is a sulfate form of sulfur, it is immediately available and starts working almost on contact. As an added bonus, the product contains calcium as well.”

Charah Agricultural Products focuses on developing innovative products for the agricultural market including SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer, an on-demand supply of pelletized calcium sulfate that is engineered to provide improved crop yield for growers. While synthetic gypsum has been used in agriculture applications in the past, Charah Agricultural Products has a patent-pending process to pelletize the product, making the application of calcium and sulfur easier and more efficient for the farmer therefore making it more efficient for the farmer to meet the industry’s increasing demand for sulfur.

Unlike any other sulfur-fertilizer product on the market, SUL4R-PLUS’s pelletized form makes sulfur and calcium application efficient and immediately available to the plants, enhances soil quality, boosts yield, and improves the health of crops including corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, and other crops such as legumes, fruit, vegetables and more.

Charah now has facilities in the Midwest and South with locations in Tampa, FL; Louisville, KY; Farmer City, IL; Hoopeston, IL; Seneca, IL; Jeffersonville, IN; Monon, IN; New Orleans, LA; Breckenridge, MI; Middleton, MI; St. Louis, MO; Fairless Hills, PA; Prairie Du Chien, WI, and La Crosse, WI to provide greater access to SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer.

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