Valent Offers New Tank Mix Option for Soybeans

Valent U.S.A. has annouced it is issuing a new FIFRA 2(ee) recommendation for a tank mixture of Cobra Herbicide + NEW Perpetuo Herbicide + glyphosate, to ensure growers have effective postemergence weed control options in soybeans for this season.


Valent offered the key takeaways of the recommendation:

  • The tank-mix will provide postemergence control of more than 54 troublesome weeds with no impact to crop rotation plans.
  • The tank mix will control emerged weeds as well as provide preemergence control of small-seeded broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in soybeans.
  • For best results, the mixture should be applied to actively growing weeds 4 inches in height or smaller.
  • The tank mix can be applied through the soybean V6 growth stage.
  • This tank-mix will be effective on weeds except for those resistant to group 9 (glyphosate) and group 14 (PPO) herbicides.