Tough 5EC Herbicide Approved for Emergency Use in Mint

Belchim Crop Protection USA (Belchim USA) has announced that Tough 5EC Herbicide has been granted a Section 18 Emergency Use Exemption for use in post-emergent broadleaf weed control in double cut mint. Several counties in Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin have already registered the product, and it has also been submitted for registration in South Dakota (pending review and approval).


Tough 5EC is a selective herbicide for post-emergence control of actively growing annual broadleaf weeds, including Kochia, Pigweeds, Palmer, Waterhemp, Common Lambsquarters, Black Nightshade and Marestail. With pyridate as its active ingredient, Tough 5EC has proven to provide up to 100% control when used as labeled, even on herbicide-resistant strains.

Weed resistance continues to be a thorn in the side of mint growers across the country, impacting the yield and quality of the mint oil, which ultimately can impact a grower’s bottom line. “The whole Belchim USA team is acutely aware of the challenges mint growers face, as we’ve heard their stories first-hand,” saidTom Wood, GM for Belchim USA. “With the support of the Mint Industry Research Council, as well as key university and state personnel, we’re happy to provide a solution to meet this urgent need.”

Mint growers across the country are thrilled to get access to this pyridate product for emergency use during the 2019 growing season. Scott Setniker of Setniker Farms in Independence, OR couldn’t be more excited. “With Tough 5EC, we’re able to achieve 95 – 100% control of some really detrimental weeds, like pigweeds, which can lower the quality of our mint oil,” he said.

In South Bend, IN, Randy Matthys of Shady Lane Farms General Partnership agrees. “It’s always nice to have another tool in the shed to fall back on, especially one with the proven effectiveness like Tough 5EC,” he said.

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